the personal webbed sites of Cass Dingenskirchen.

Your powers in this place.

  1. you may visit ’sites inhabited by my texts, software, and occasional opinions on music.
  2. you may visit a ’site inhabited by good street names i’ve seen and recommend for reuse (content warning: german)
  3. you may visit a ’site inhabited by a representation of the author itself.
  4. you may visit a meta ’site containing the sites-as-a-whole’s colophon.
  5. you may contact the author. to do this, write to any electronic-mail address under this domain, that is, any arbitrary string @dingenskirchen.org, with one exception — do not send mail to this address. mail sent there will be discarded unread.
  6. you may develop a parasocial relationship with the author. to do this, follow it on the fediverse.


sites and written word first brought unto this Earth in the year twenty-nineteen by Cass Dingenskirchen. this current iteration dated february eighteenth, twenty twenty-three. all rites reversed.