the BLIMP Levitating Intercommunication Management Programme1 is a tooling bot for Discord, developed as a replacement for Bampersand in the The Valley Discord server. It mostly does non-critical things like role assignments, starboard, user-facing logs et cetera, but will eventually provide backup for security functions too.

Invite BLIMP

You can invite the main instance of the bot using the left button.

invite BLIMP as Administrator invite BLIMP with Minimal Permissions

In case you are more security-minded (good!), you can also use the right one, which does exactly the same. However, using the right one only grants absolutely necessary permissions to the bot. You can also self-host your own instance and have independence from my server’s uptime that way.


There is a manual available for BLIMP, which contains largely supplemental information. The actual command documentation is available via help! with any BLIMP instance.

  1. Yes, it is spelled programme. You got a bloody problem with that, mate?↩︎