Earlier Appearances.

i semi-regularly redesign these ’sites as a sort-of ergotherapy. this is a overview of the iterations they’ve gone through.

2021-12: «Toad»

after almost a year of not doing a whole lot with this page, another redesign. i keep coming back to Charter for some reason. it’s just a really nice font i suppose. also, the page is now hosted under dingenskirchen.org instead of dot systems for various reasons.

dingenskirchen dot org with “Toad”

2021-02: «Totally Not The Swiss»

i really liked the giant NB flag from «Manual Override», the rest, not so much. especially the rotated header got tiring rather quickly. so, let’s see how it looks with a font that totally isn’t Helvetica1!

Dot Systems with “Totally Not The Swiss”

2020-12: «Manual Override»

roughly inspired by this video, a step away from 3D. throwback to «Chartered» by adding an even more obvious pride flag as a design element. at long last, a change in fonts! Charter is gone and has been replaced by Latin Modern Roman and Cooper Hewitt. removed the favicon again. i have been told this looks like «an 80’s computer manual».

Dot Systems with “Manual Override”

2020-11: «95 Luftballons»

add some 3D effects/box shadows. center everything in boxes. with shadows. font choice unmodified. first appearance of hover footnotes. also, i added a favicon.

Dot Systems with “95 Luftballons”

2020-09: «Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine…»

Reorganization into a grid-based layout. The primary background color is now the default desktop color of a certain ancient operating system.

Dot Systems with “Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine…”

2020-07: «Chartered»

Based on Charter, light-gray background, and a gradient strip in pan pride colors on the left. Has a dark theme with eigengrau background.

Dot Systems with “Chartered”


Who knows what came before. I’m bad at remembering stuff.

  1. It’s TeX Gyre Heros.↩︎