Imprint and colophon.

content brought unto this earth in the year two-thousand and twenty two or before by Cassidy Ada Sasha Sebastian Dingenskirchen. all rites reversed.

if you’re some kind of bureaucrat and/or cop you can use your magic powers of bestands­daten­anfrage nach §173 bzw. §174 tele­kommunikations­gesetz to ask my provider for my contact details, i don’t mind that1 but i’m really not that into publishing them here for everyone to see, y’know.

the font you are hopefully reading this in is Matthew Butterick’s Heliotrope. you can view previous appearances of these sites on a separate ’site.

as you may have noticed, capital letters only appear in proper names and in headings. this is because i hate capitalism. other quirks of my writing here that i refuse to disparage by calling them a «house style» include:

on a technical level, this page’s html is generated from markdown and scss code with the help of pandoc and nix, then copied over to my web server.

  1. not that me minding it would make a difference↩︎

  2. this site will not include snippets in Dutch so this can remain an exclusive or↩︎