About the author.

oh dear. uh, this is awkward. i’m Cass. the full legal name cited on the other page is really more of a joke rather than a regular appellation. nice to meet you! this is a page about me. i come from and currently dwell in the delightfully uninteresting german land of lower saxony and work as a librarian (technically not that, but as a Fach­angestelltes für Medien- und Informations­dienste, but the difference is slight enough to just entirely ignore usually).

my pronoun, in english, is «it». alternatively you may also use spivak pronouns, that is «e/eir/em», or, if that’s too newfangled for you, «they/them»1. auf deutsch kannst du das neutrum-pronomen «es»2 oder einfach Cass benutzen.

beside these extremely interesting attributes i also have a profound dislike for talking about myself, so here’s a selection of personal third-party testimonials about yours truly instead:

  1. if that too is too newfangled for you, consider going outside more often↩︎

  2. Nom. es, Gen. deren, Dat. denen, Akk. es↩︎