according to common understanding, there are precisely 102 kinds of software: useful software and useless software.

it is my intent to prove this wrong, by producing software that blurs the boundary between clearly useless and hey, maybe the author had a point. most of my products still fall close to either one of the categories though.
usually the latter.

Useful-aligned software.

my prouder achievements include tug of vote, a collaboration tool that’s just shitty enough to be easy to use but not shitty enough to overly frustrate you. i also made a list of all the stations in the network of Deutsche Bahn, which may be useful to you if you’re a train nerd or need to get a tight connection and want to check if your train and the connecting one arrive on the same physical platform, which DB won’t tell you on their own.

i also created the BLIMP, a discord moderation and tooling bot. you can use it, too! it is rather neat.1 it does a lot of useful things because it’s mostly scooping up features from other bots that implemented them first and then either broke or went premium™. it’s licensed under AGPL, so it won’t ever do the latter at least.

Useless-aligned software.

the majority of my time is spent with these. the highlights, briefly: Useless Box++, link elongator, virtual outdated machine, and all of it, madness.

Notes on software.

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  1. blimps are neat.↩︎