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Risen from the flat surface in the very moment to see the tide test the window for the last time the one feeling pursued again sees the interposed barrier shatter and icy reminder of the outside flood in.

Frantic search for the exit finds one at the end of a corridor that while well traveled now seems of ever greater length, faced with futility and past failure to establish meaning or any artifact indeed their mind briefly freezes like a foot stuck in the rapidly reglaciating but still frighteningly mobile mass. It is left behind to wither, as are the other safe doors encountered before the one at the very end as they seem to deceive with easy evacuation. Out of breath; the looming liquid draws closer yet remains at a distance after the initial contact as if it itself were afraid of drowning others, but the hesitation only persists for seconds before the chase begins anew.

On the final approach the frozen leg falters and the concluding door withdraws further into sheer distance, broken crawling towards it now seems appropriate overall. Reached it at last, no lock bars egress from whatever this sinking ship of a building was, with the last power they hurl themselves into the inpouring light, sheer momentum carrying them well beyond where they wanted to initially but does it matter anymore? Warmth floods around them like the never felt ninth parent’s embrace and temporary bliss conceals that behind them the door never closed.